I’m an artist working in paint mostly, comics secondly, and I dip into animation, video art, and writing occasionally. I make representational paintings which shift from realism to caricature, mainly portraits of people, real and fictional. If you are interested in contacting me my email address is adammarkhyde@yahoo.co.uk

*Wastelandnumberseven was a word I came up with as a teenager to describe my work, or where the work was set. It was a world inhabited by all of my favourite artists, writers, musicians, and where the best work they created was set too. For instance, the events in Tom Wait’s Alice and Bob Dylan’s Desolation Row all took place in wastelandnumberseven, as did the events in Goya’s Black Paintings (with a special location for his Dona Isabel de Porcel), the characters from The Threepenny Opera were wandering around (maybe singing a bit of Sondheim), the animated rats and insects from Starewicz’s animations were causing havoc, and many others. They were often marginalised, lonely characters, who I could identify with (and as teenagers I imagine most people could), and they allowed me to imagine a place for myself. A fantasy world where everybody within it felt the same way, it was dark, but heavenly. It was also somewhere I imagined I would have to visit often were I ever to create anything of worth.

Well, I kept hold of this name and somewhat shortsightedly used it for every online profile related to my work, and I would inevitably be confronted with a “huh?” when I tried to direct anyone to this website and my online presence elsewhere. It may no longer hold the same significance it once did, but I’m happy to be reminded of that mistake.

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