Jules and Crispin

Jules and Crispin was a weekly cartoon created by Mihaela Precup and Adam Hyde.


This was a weekly cartoon about Jules and Crispin – The rat and the ostrich-duck. The brain and the muscle. The pensive intellectual and the vigorous swimmer.

Raised in the same confining crater on the planet Farmtopia, Jules and Crispin joined forces and escaped to Earth, where they are currently negotiating their bearings.

Jules is a genetically engineered lab rat, given to sudden outbursts of science-related workaholism and compulsive participation in pub games and quizzes. He can be rather moody and will spend hours engaged in intricate ruminations. As an ardent student of the human and animal psyche, he has recently taken up portrait photography.

Crispin is an experimental crossbreed between an ostrich and a duck. The silent type, he enjoys cross-dressing and engaging in rambunctious horseplay. He is generally good-humored but has a tendency of suddenly giving in to anti-social genetic predispositions such as sticking one’s head in the sand and jumping into ponds and large puddles.

It ran from 2010 until 2014, and alongside the regular strips included 2 comic books.